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company profile

PT. Bintang Wisata Tours & Travel is established by Ms. Pera Nelda at the end of 2006. This company is her passion in tourism industry that she has done for many years. Soon after she graduated from Tourism Industry at University of North Sumatra in the middle of 1994, she started to work at tourism industry and felt in love since then. Together with enthusiastic and experienced staffs and friends, Ms. Nelda and PT. Bintang Wisata Tours & Travel will be pleased to welcome anyone to Sumatra and Indonesia.



Passport & Visa

You will be required a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity prior to the expire date of your passport. Please notice about the new visa regulation from Indonesian government which valid since February 2004. Information about the new visa regulation you can contact Indonesian Embassy or Consulate at your place.


Local Indonesian currency is known as Rupiah. There are no restrictions on the amount of foreign currency which can be brought into or taken out of the country, with Indonesia being a free money market. Most foreign currencies and travellers cheques are easily changed. Money changers and banks are easily found in major tourist areas. Credit cards are not widely accepted, except in first class hotels and some major souvenir shops.


Bintang Wisata Tours & Travel acts only in the capacity of an agent for hotels, carries, transportation companies and other contractors. Therefore, Bintang Wisata Tours & Travel is not responsible for any loss, damage, injuries, delays, changes of schedules or irregularities which are beyond its control and its reserve the right to change any arrangement with or without notice if found to be the best interest of all parties concerned.