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Originally Answered: What are seeds and peers in torrenting? Now, seeds means the no. of seeders, and seeders means those systems that have % of the files of the torrent, and are uploading the torrent. How does Seeds and peers count affect the speed at which torrent files. Details and added effects for the Pokémon attack 'Leech Seed', including all the Pokémon that can learn it. This is a glossary of jargon related to peer-to-peer file sharing via the BitTorrent protocol. Each seed adds to this number, as they have one complete copy of the file. to leech. Bram prefers downloader to leech because BitTorrent's tit- for-tat ensures downloaders also upload and thus do not unfairly qualify as leeches. ‎Glossary - ‎Availability - ‎Choked - ‎Leech.

Leech Seed plants a seed on the target. After a target under the effect of Leech Seed takes its turn, 1/16 of its HP will be drained (rounded down, but not less. 8 Aug How does BitTorrent protocol work? When you download a file normally (direct download) from a website that file is downloaded from their. 3 Nov - 58 sec - Uploaded by Difference Between Seeds, peers and leeches in torrents' language? quora what are seeds, peers and leeches.

3 Dec - 4 min - Uploaded by Tech Guru Daily For using torrent to download movies or any other file you have to go to any torrent site (piratebay. Leech Seed. Type, Grass. Category, Non-Damaging. Power, —. Accuracy, 90%. PP, Leeches 1/8 of the target's HP each turn. (Inadequate description?. Leech Seed is a Grass-type move introduced in Generation I. A seed is planted on the target. In Generation I, the seed drains the target of its HP by up to the.


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